Who we are
EQUITES is an investment and merchant banking boutique domiciled in the Baltic States and created to serve regional companies, their owners and investors community. Our activities focus on the Baltic region and Emerging Europe.
EQUITES partners and clients are high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, business owners and investors, private equity and hedge funds.
Our mission
Our aim is a long term value creation to the benefit of our clients, partners and capital providers.
We strive to support and facilitate expedient development, growth or other valuable transformations of our clients’ businesses in the Baltic region and outside
Our values
EQUITES sets honesty and reliability as the fundamental principles underlying our approach when dealing with our clients, partners and capital providers.
As a young firm we have no conflicts from past transaction legacies.
We are focused on daily value creation for our clients.
EQUITES engages in every mandate with a strategic perspective and rigorous commitment. With no exceptions, we subject our deals to our own scrutiny in order to be able to lead each transaction to a successful close
We strive to work in partnership with our clients, where interests are properly aligned and protected, to achieve the client's objectives and mutual gain.
Because we believe that only in such partnership a long-lasting value for them and us can be created.